January 3, 2016

What exactly is Moral Support?

Once a person asked me, what exactly is moral support?
I told him to come with a bicycle the next day.
Next day I took him to a play ground which had a walking way (pagdandi) by the side barely one and a half feet wide. 
I asked him to drive his cycle on it as fast as he can without touching the play ground. He drove very easily and very fast keeping the cycle in the center. He didn't touch the play ground even once.
Then I took him to a roof nearby from which a one and a half feet wide level wall was going to an other roof some 100 feet away and asked him to drive his cycle on this wall and go to the other roof. He declined saying he would fall.
When told "but you did drive on one and half feet wide pagdandi earlier without even touching the adjoining ground not to talk of falling..." he began to think.
What that adjoining ground provided without in anyway interfering but by just being there is what is called moral support... I told him.
In the same way there are some people who give moral support to others by not interfering in their lives but by just being there .

October 26, 2015

Beware, India is going through a bad phase...

Have you heard " बारांह साल बाद तो रुड़ी की भी सुनी जाती है

What it means is there is a fundamental change in Nature after every 12 years. 

Here is that change in good and bad terms for India (allow for some overlapping).

First bad 12 years ended with partition in 1947.

Next good 12 years came from 1947- 1959. Read on.

Next bad 12 years were from 1959-1971: Three wars,  1962,1965,1971,  Naxal Movement.

Next good 12 years from  1971- 1983.

Next bad 12 years were from 1983 - 1995: Terrorism,  Operation Blue Star,  1984 riots.

Next good 12 years were from 1995 - 2007:  Atal Behari Vajpai, UPA 1 phases etc.

Next bad 12 years now going on from 2007 -  2019 :  UPA 2nd phase,  Sri Modi phase...

October 23, 2014

Does God too have a Google?

Yes, just read on.

It seems there is a Google in/beyond/at the edge of our minds too...with which we come in contact when we have the experience of One/'God' or when we evolve beyond a certain point/phase/mind.

Some word, some situation comes in our awareness and lo! simultaneously a perfect line of answer/wisdom comes before us as if from above/nowhere.

Spontaneous wisdom of Zen/Taoist masters too seems to come from this Google.

And perhaps it is the same to which the Positive Psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls Flow or Zone in the following Wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)

(Nearest to Guru Nanak's Khasam ki Baani in the lines "Jaisi mein aave khasam ki baani taisda karin gian ve Lalo" (Lalo listen as it comes from "Above", from the Owner of everything.??)....From God's Google?? Bigtamasha wonders...

September 16, 2014

Can Rahul Gandhi be India's Philosopher-King?

Some 2400 years ago Greek philospher Plato said that a philosopher-King will be the best ruler for a country.

Theoretically it seems to be correct because a philosopher is supposed to be one of the wisest of men of the times and his rule should automatically be the best.

But in practical terms, and which even Plato could not know because of absence of practical experience, what happens is that a philosopher gets cut-off from the majority of the people and begins to live in a rarified mental air of his own.

Such that while one cannot find anything wrong with his ideas they apply to a few people of his own kind and not to the masses on which he is supposed to rule. Or rather for whose benefit he is supposed to rule. Because they live more on the physical plain than mental.

For example, take Rahul Gandhi's latest idea about poverty that, "poverty is a state of the mind."

Now nothing wrong in this but only for a few people:

It is common experience that more rich one becomes the more poor one feels from insides and there are some people who have no shirt to wear or no home to live but feel themselves to be the richest in the world.

Big Tamasha had heard a story in youth which beautifully illustrates both the above situations.

A King had won name, fame and fortune to his heart's content but was still feeling unhappy. Greatly dejected one day he calls all his advisors and tells them to find solution to his unhappiness.

The advisors searched the wisest man of the kingdom and told him about the King's problem and requested for a solution.

The wiseest man told them that they should first find the most happy man in the kingdom and then ask the King to wear his shirt for a few days. He too will become happy

The advisors fanned out to all the nooks and corners of the kingdom and finally found a man who people said has never looked unhappy. He lived on a hill.

Then the advisors went to the king and told him what the wisest man had said.

The king ordered the advisors to brign the happy man to his court. But the man refused to go to the king's court.

The advisors returned and told the king that he does not come. He says that if the King wants anything from him he can come to him.

Though inwardly feeling slighted the King agreed and went to the man himself. The happy man looked really carefree and happy. The King was greatly impressed. Then he requested the happy man to give him his shirt explaining what the wisest man had said.

On hearing this the happy man could not stop laughing. Perplexed the king asked him the reson of his so much laughter. The happy man replied, "But King, can't you see I am not wearing any shirt? I have no shirt."

Needless to say the majority of the people are yet not like thatt. They live on the physical plain and not on teh intellectual or spiritual. They have yet to fulfill their needs of the physical, emotional plains to their heart's content before they can go to the intellectual and spiritual.

Rahul Gandhi must come down from the hill to rule India.

May 25, 2014

A deeper form of prayer

O The Unnameable, The Indescribable or Whatever You are or are not!

Excuse my folly.

Hitherto I had been praying to You for things which I thought were good for me or will give me happiness.

Obviously with my ego-driven ignorant, puny intellect.

May 12, 2014

We are Love playing hide and seek with ourselves

And finally return to Love.

We begin from Love, from Oneness finally via Mother Earth and our individual mothers.

As soon as we come out of our mothers' womb we begin to play hide from Love in the form of mothers' love into the world we see before us.

April 21, 2014

Live YOUR life not that of others

You are YOU.

Nobody can take your place on the ladder of evolution which is yours and only yours.

Education - aim for the stars to reach the moon

The old is crumbling and there is talk of humanity entering a new age.

Based on my book Self Designed Universe I could see the broad contours of this coming new age.

To facilitate its coming I envisioned a few salient points which the students of this new age should be taught and accordingly wrote them about a decade ago.

March 20, 2014

Khushwant had his own way of making subtle love

Below is one of the articles from the Tribune, Chandigarh, Big Tamasha specially liked, more so because of the girl's very lovely Pakistani-Punjabi:

This above all
Memorable midair encounter
Khushwant Singh

February 17, 2014